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GradFUTURES Forum 2021- Drug Discovery with Donald Kirsch *78, Princeton Ph.D. in Biology - Shared screen with speaker view
Amy Pszczolkowski (she/her) | GradFutures
Welcome all: a quick reminder that we’re collecting questions via the Q&A function in Zoom, as well as on social media—please use the hashtag #GradFUTURESforum. Finally, we’re also collecting resources to share out with all registrants and attendees. Submit resources and we’ll share them out with 3K+ registrants! Use this form to do so: https://gradfutures.princeton.edu/presenter-attendees-submit-informationresources-here
Amy Pszczolkowski (she/her) | GradFutures
We’re collecting questions via the Q&A function in Zoom.
Amy Pszczolkowski (she/her) | GradFutures
Dr. Kirsch’s book is a great read! https://www.amazon.com/Drug-Hunters-Improbable-Discover-Medicines-ebook/dp/B01HDVCRY0/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=drug+hunter&qid=1619462675&sr=8-1