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PiLA Speaker Series: Antigua International School and Ecofiltro - Shared screen with speaker view
Annie Leister
Thanks for joining, everyone! You've reached PiLA's Speaker Series event and we will be starting in just a few minutes.
Nancy Hughes
Hello all from Nancy Hughes, Founder of StoveTeam International working in all of Central America to install safe, fuel-efficient cookstoves.
Annie Leister
Devang Amin
It is truly inspiring how much Ecofiltro has grown with the creative social enterprise model and reached so many families since my time there in 2009! Amazing that the factory keeps expanding to reach more families, too. -Devang
Hana Kahn
Devang, who helped with the water filters, was a fantastic Pila fellow who worked for our Princeton in Parramos program in Parramos
Devang Amin
Thank you for the kind words, Hana & Philip -- it was a wonderful time and I'm happy to stay connected there. Thank you for giving me that opportunity!
Yihemba Yikona
PiLA Guatemala 2017-2018 here — Thank you all! Great to hear this discussion.