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Seminar Series on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion: Black Lives, Energy & Matter- Professor William A Massey - Shared screen with speaker view
D.C. Adams
Most minorities are concerned about securing a career after graduation when selecting a program of study. While they may find physics engaging, they may commit to studying Finance or Computer Science if the career opportunities are less racially restrictive and risky in the field.
D.C. Adams
I apologize for not being able to connect. The issue concerns rather glass door politics being black in academia or collaborative research. In other careers, it does not appear an issue.
Joel Strothers
How are we to address educational gaps for accepted students, in ways of support systems rather. And trainings that addresses better ways to communicate to black students . Theres also communication gap with black students and faculty.
Terrence Blackman, Ph.D.
a reference for Joel’s question https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/10.3102/00346543074002171
Anya Bartelmann
If anyone hits a paywall, please use this link to access the journal above via the Princeton University Library: https://getit.princeton.edu/link_router/index/47796499
Terrence Blackman, Ph.D.
the notion that academic and social integration are critical to persistence and that integration develops through particular types of participation in the communities of practice of graduate school.
Anya Bartelmann
Thank you very much!