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Using Real-time Labor Market Data to Understand Diverse Career Pathways for PhDs - Shared screen with speaker view
Dave Schatz
NJ -- not far from the one and only Princeton!
Desiree Barron-Callaci
Hi there! I'm joining from Brooklyn, NY, and am a Program Officer at the American Council of Learned Societies. I'm looking forward to learning more about how we can better serve participants in our programs supporting recent PhDs.
Jovana Milosavljevic-Ardeljan
Hello! Jovana Milosavljević Ardeljan (she, her,hers), University of New Hampshire. I'm really excited to learn more about the graduate student professional development needs and how to meet them.
Edward Anderson
Good morning! I'm Joe Anderson, an English PhD graduate (Georgia State Universtiy), currently working as a Writing Assistant at College of Southern Nevada. I'm looking for a full-time position, and I'm attending GradFutures to expand my perspective on my own possibilities.
Daniel O'Meara
Hi all, I'm Daniel O'Meara, a Princeton PhD alum and a career services professional at Richmond University in London. I'm looking forward to hearing more about ways in which different institutions use data insight to help in this very valuable area!
Catherine Olien
I’m joining from the DC area on behalf of the Center for Humanities Research at George Mason University. Looking for fresh ideas and inspiration for how we can plug our graduate students into diverse career opportunities!
Amanda Cornwall
Good morning! I'm Amanda Cornwall, Associate Director of Graduate Professional Development at MIT. I'm a big fan of Burning Glass and actually invited a Burning Glass economist/data scientist to a panel when I worked for Northeastern. It's so exciting to have insight into this kind of data and trends.
dourna jamshideasli
Hey there,It feels so great to be with you all here!My name is Dourna Jamshideasli. I am a PhD candidate in MECH at Auburn University, and I will graduate in December. I am looking for a post-doc position.
Chamath Chandrasekera
Hi everyone! My name is Chamath Chandrasekera and I am a Molecular Biology and Genetics PhD student graduating from the University of Delaware this August. Hoping to gain some insights into the job market and any opportunities on the horizon.
Edward Anderson
An issue: A LOT of students at the undergrad level don't get training in resumes and cover letters, in the first place.
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