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Navigating the Hidden Curriculum in Grad School - Shared screen with speaker view
Amy Pszczolkowski (she/her) | GradFutures
The Princeton University Press has generously offered a discount on Dr. Calarco’s book for all attendees (Princeton graduate students may reach out to me for a different code) Enter code P284 at checkout through 5/31/21 to get a 30% discount on A Field Guide to Grad School. https://press.princeton.edu/books/paperback/9780691201092/a-field-guide-to-grad-school
Amy Pszczolkowski (she/her) | GradFutures
A quick reminder that we’re collecting questions via the Q&A function in Zoom, as well as on social media—please use the hashtag #GradFUTURESforum.
Amy Pszczolkowski (she/her) | GradFutures
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dourna jamshideasli
Enjoyed this talk so much! Thank you so much!
Andrea Morris
Thanks - wonderful discussion!!!